How to Install Software on Linux

Linux-headerOn Linux the installation of software is slightly different as the software has to be taken from your repositories of Linux distribution software. Even though it sounds quite complicated, the procedure is quite simple which could be carried out by a layman with ease.
The software installation system of Linux is very similar to an app store. It is a single place from which you could get all your softwares and updates about the softwares.

How to proceed with the installation: Most of the softwares are made available in the software repositories. It is most likely that your Linux distribution would provide good graphics which makes it extremely appealing. The next step is to select the desired package. Once selected all the packages that you want in your system, the package manager in the system would download all that is necessary for proper functioning of the softwares and ensures that it is successfully installed.

liveusb-iconHowever in Ubuntu, you would see an orange shopping bag icon which is the package manager. This interface could be used to search for softwares as well as for their successful installation. The searches would give you positive results for specific names as well as for category names, E.g. Video player. All that you are required to do is to click on download tab and give in your password. Rest everything will be taken care of. Linux distribution has separate software repositories for each of its distribution but all of it has the same working pattern. It is done in a graphical pattern so that it enables ease to its users.

Installing property packages: Some programs which are popularly used may not be present in the software repositories of Linux. Some of them are Skype, Opera, Steam and Google Chrome. Since Linux does not have the license to have these programs, if you wish to have these you will have to purchase them separately.

If you want to download any extra software the best way to do that is by visiting the official website of that particular program and then download it from there. These webpages are quite user friendly and you would not have any issues navigating through.

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