How to choose the best Linux distro

NEWS-SteamLinuxChoosing a Linux distro which suits you is a confusing question to ask. If you want a top end performance, then it would be better to go for Arch. Whereas if your prime concern is stability, then it would be best to go for Debian and if you need easy and wide collection of apps, go for Ubuntu. However people who use old laptops would always prefer Slackware. Read on to find more on different schemes that are available for laptop users so that you could find what would work best for you.
In this article, we are looking only at the tailored Linux distros and their live installations. This could also be useful for people who use corporate laptops.
Linux and gaming: Linux is highly supportive for any gaming, in spite of the any genres. With a lot of variety in games such as strategy based, real time, puzzles, shooting, racing etc. Before starting the gaming sessions in Linux, it would be ideal to install any live DVD’s. This could be downloaded or even copied through USB’s. After logging in, the application finder would help you in finding out the game that you want after searching from thousands of games that are available.
Linux For Beginners: If you are a beginner in this field, then there are Linux applications that are apt and suitable for you. This would also help in editing videos and also adding graphics. The Software, Ubuntu Studio would help in transforming and editing of images as well as short movies
Linux and Work: Linux is an ideal software for the work. It is highly stable, compatible with all the apps and is quite secure. Open SUSE, Ubuntu and Fedora can easily be integrated with all your existing softwares to give you good results.

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