Choosing The Best Linux Distribution

linuxIt can be quite mind boggling to decide on the right Linux distribution. This has to be only decided after considering quite a lot of factors like your requirements, taste as well as the internet connection that is available.
If you are a desktop user and has the latest hardware installed, here are the most suitable options for you (please do remember that, this is an extremely personal opinion and not based on any public survey or poll):
Fedora : Even though opinions vary, I personally think that fedora is the best decision as it provides you with the most updated version of kernel as well as the advanced software. However there might be some initial difficulties while the installation of Fedora, which would work perfectly once it is over. Another great advantage it gives is games feature, there are so many available games for the user’s entertainment. Since Fedora is advanced and has the latest technology, it is highly compatible with the hardware which you have in your system.
linuxdistributions-300x300Mageia: This is a really good distribution which provides an excellent management of all your softwares and drives. It also has quite lot of support systems which enables scanning and printing. The latest version of this distribution is only released after a period of testing.
Ubuntu: One of the most popularly used Linux distribution system which has a good integration of terminal application and software canter. The greatest advantage that it has is the huge user community and query forums.

If you have a desktop with old hardware:
Fedora (LXDE): It is one of the programs that provide great support even when the hardware is old. The only difference from the latest version, is its use of LXDE environment for the desktop
Puppy Linux: If your desktop is old, then this is the right program for you. It is light and runs in any pc smoothly.
LUbuntu: This is a Linux based Ubuntu which uses LXDE environment for the desktop.

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