Why Security is an Integral Part of Today’s Technological Era

The past two decades have brought technology into the society. Technology has slowly taken over people’s lives. Wherever a person goes, he will see a myriad of screens. Wi-Fi enabled gadgets changed the way people live, right from the moment they wake up until the time they go to bed. Pressing some buttons for everything they do is the norm of modern living. Everything can be pre-set or motion activated.

People are in constant communication with others, thanks to the mobile devices that everyone now carries everywhere. People have adopted a tech-dependent lifestyle that has changed both their professional and private spheres. Business has for years been conducted in the virtual world, where employees work in different locations while communicating with one another through emails and other digital means. Communicating with letters and faxes or spending hours on the phone is now regarded as ancient history.

But there is a lurking problem that could shatter the people’s dependence on technology – cyber crimes. Computer-related crime or cybercrime involves networks and computers. A computer or a mobile device may be used or be the target of cyber criminals. Cyber criminals commit offences against an individual or a group with a criminal motive of intentionally harming the target to attain an objective, which will cause harm to the target. Cyber crime may threaten a person, a company, an organisation, or a nation. Cybercrime issues may involve hacking, unwarranted surveillance, copyright infringement, privacy violation, child grooming, or child pornography.

Cyber criminals may also attempt to physically control or have access to computer hardware or bring harm through unauthorised network access, data and code injection. Computer and mobile device users may be tricked into deviating from the standard secure procedures for different criminal intents.

The threat of cyber crimes has given rise to more stringent measures to safeguard technology. As cyber criminals get sophisticated, cyber security plays a catch-up game. Cyber security refers to the body of technologies, practices, and processes that are designed to provide protection to networks, data, and programs for unauthorised access, attack, or damage. Security in the field of technology includes both physical security and cyber security.

Cyber security can be achieved through a coordinated effort throughout a system or network. It is focused on providing security to application, information, network, and operations. It also covers recovery in case of an attack or damage and providing education to the end-users.

The problem with cyber security is the constantly evolving nature of the risks. While cyber security resources are mostly focused on the bigger threats, security experts have been neglecting the minor threats, which cyber criminals are taking advantage of. Security breaches of networks have targeted minor coding flaws, which could be big in magnitude if it involves many users of the network.

No problem is too small to be ignored when it comes to the issue of security. Mobile device users are prone to attacks and privacy violation if they are too careless in handling their devices. The use of the best screen lock app is a major deterrent for any unauthorised person to have access to a mobile device.

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