Why Security is an Integral Part of Today’s Technological Era

The past two decades have brought technology into the society. Technology has slowly taken over people’s lives. Wherever a person goes, he will see a myriad of screens. Wi-Fi enabled gadgets changed the way people live, right from the moment they wake up until the time they go to bed. Pressing some buttons for everything they do is the norm of modern living. Everything can be pre-set or motion activated.

People are in constant communication with others, thanks to the mobile devices that everyone now carries everywhere. People have adopted a tech-dependent lifestyle that has changed both their professional and private spheres. Business has for years been conducted in the virtual world, where employees work in different locations while communicating with one another through emails and other digital means. Communicating with letters and faxes or spending hours on the phone is now regarded as ancient history.

But there is a lurking problem that could shatter the people’s dependence on technology – cyber crimes. Computer-related crime or cybercrime involves networks and computers. A computer or a mobile device may be used or be the target of cyber criminals. Cyber criminals commit offences against an individual or a group with a criminal motive of intentionally harming the target to attain an objective, which will cause harm to the target. Cyber crime may threaten a person, a company, an organisation, or a nation. Cybercrime issues may involve hacking, unwarranted surveillance, copyright infringement, privacy violation, child grooming, or child pornography.

Cyber criminals may also attempt to physically control or have access to computer hardware or bring harm through unauthorised network access, data and code injection. Computer and mobile device users may be tricked into deviating from the standard secure procedures for different criminal intents.

The threat of cyber crimes has given rise to more stringent measures to safeguard technology. As cyber criminals get sophisticated, cyber security plays a catch-up game. Cyber security refers to the body of technologies, practices, and processes that are designed to provide protection to networks, data, and programs for unauthorised access, attack, or damage. Security in the field of technology includes both physical security and cyber security.

Cyber security can be achieved through a coordinated effort throughout a system or network. It is focused on providing security to application, information, network, and operations. It also covers recovery in case of an attack or damage and providing education to the end-users.

The problem with cyber security is the constantly evolving nature of the risks. While cyber security resources are mostly focused on the bigger threats, security experts have been neglecting the minor threats, which cyber criminals are taking advantage of. Security breaches of networks have targeted minor coding flaws, which could be big in magnitude if it involves many users of the network.

No problem is too small to be ignored when it comes to the issue of security. Mobile device users are prone to attacks and privacy violation if they are too careless in handling their devices. The use of the best screen lock app is a major deterrent for any unauthorised person to have access to a mobile device.

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The Future of AI and Smart Homes


Various machines have already been used at homes to make people’s lives more convenient. Some of these common machines are washing machines, dryers and dishwashers. With the busy lifestyle of many individuals; inventors and manufacturers are coming up with equipment that are fully automated and can make life even easier. While AI or artificial intelligence is now commonly used in various industries, its future when it comes to residential use is getting brighter. Here are some of the products that you may want to consider getting if you want more automation, as well as lesser hassle and effort with your chores.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowing is perhaps one of the least things that you want to do, especially if you have a large area. However, it needs to be done if you want to keep your entire property looking clean and pleasing to the eyes. This work could take a lot of time even if you have the best riding mower for the money parked in your garden shed. That’s why many households hire professionals to do the job. An alternative is to invest in a robotic lawn mower that would mow your lawn on its own. These machines are rechargeable and were designed to work even on rough terrains. The settings can be adjusted so it would work for your needs and the cuttings are small enough so you don’t have to remove them. They could just work as fertilizers on your soil. It also automatically goes back to the charger to charge itself when the power goes low. Furthermore, it can also be controlled using your mobile device from anywhere so it can stop, start or pause anytime you like.

Laundry Folding Machine

Washing machines and dryers are a big help since washing a huge pile of dirty clothes can take a lot of time and effort. There’s still work that needs to be done after the drying of clothes as they still need to be folded. A laundry folding machine has been invented to make the job even easier for households. It even has a feature to remove wrinkles as the clothes are being folded so you don’t have to manually iron them.

Fully Automated Milk-Based Coffee Maker

Coffee lovers do not need to drive to a coffee shop to get their favorite coffee as there is an upgraded coffee maker that does not just make regular coffee, but milk-based coffee in one push of a button. It’s like it was prepared by a professional barista. Whether you like espresso or cappuccino, this automated machine can make the perfect cup for you.

It’s exciting to see the future of AI in the use of homes. These are certainly welcome developments, especially in this fast paced period.

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Why Coding Late Into the Night is a Bad Idea

Why Coding Late Into the Night is a Bad IdeaWhether they’re time-pressed on a project, have little other time to do their work, or simply want to code just one line more, many coders often find themselves awake and working into the early hours of morning. Ultimately, this practice does little good, as late-night productivity is rarely even close to the efficiency of daytime work, and such work can leave a person tired or muddle their sleep schedule. The harm done by late-night coding may not be immediately palpable, but here are a number of reasons why you should avoid it when working on a project.

You’ll Miss Sleeping Hours

Although this may seem fairly obvious, it can not be stressed enough that losing sleeping hours is catastrophic for productivity. Losing even an hour of sleep at night can seriously affect your daytime work and pace, especially in a profession such as coding which requires clear thought and speedy language processing. Without a full night’s sleep, most people will have issues with retaining focus, memorization, cognition in general, slow pace, and cooperation with coworkers as a result of tiredness and irritability. As coding generally requires tight focus, fluid cooperation, and extremely accurate input, any one of these symptoms has the potential to cause damage to a workday, in intensities ranging from small to extremely damaging.

Late-Night Work is Less Productive, and Less Reliable

Work done late in the night is, for most people, far less productive than that done in daytime. As the night drags on and your body and mind grow more tired, they will naturally slow down and prepare for the rest you are denying them. You’ll find that the amount of work done in an hour decreases sharply late at night, with the effects getting worse as time before bed drags on. But it’s not just quantity of work that decreases; coding done late at night is more often laced with bugs, poor formatting, and other markers of low quality. Notes become more scarce and less coherent, and in extreme cases you may wake up in the morning with little clue what you’ve done the night before.

Your Personal Life will Take a Hit

Regular late-night coding sessions will eventually end up impacting your personal life and relationships, as well. Most people simply do not stay up late, and will look to socialize and interact with you in mornings and afternoons. This may include friends, spouses, children, or anyone else close to you, and regular late-night coding sessions may drive a wedge between you. After all, who wants to hang out with someone who is constantly red-eyed, exhausted and consumed by work? Of course, if you have friends and family who share similar late-night habits this effect may be diminished, but chances are most of them wake up and go to sleep at reasonable hours.

Ultimately, late-night coding sessions can have a serious detrimental effect on productivity, quality of work, and your relationships in and out of the workplace. Do your best to cut short your coding sessions when the hour grows late, maintain a sleep schedule in line with the rest of society, and invest in a mattress from the best mattress brand so you’ll actually look forward to going to bed. In the end, instead of staying up a few hours and getting in that little bit of extra work, it’s probably better to just hit the sack and start the next day in a much better way.

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Does Regular Exercise Make You A Better Programmer?

Does Regular Exercise Make You A Better ProgrammerA computer programmer is an individual who focuses on formulating computer software. Computer programming is the most sought after career and most competitive. Expert programmers have a very high demand due to their expert skills.

Programmers have the ability to analyze and develop codes for the various applications. The quality of work in this field is required quality of content regarding the code develop. Therefore great work, attention, and time are put in to provide the best and emerge as the best in competitive industry.

Different people across the world use different methods to ensure they become the best in the field of programming. One of the most common methods is using exercise to improve the productivity in programming, and to get involved you only need to invest in something as simple as an adjustable workout bench.

Benefits programmers gain from exercise

Improved quality

It is proven that regular exercise can help to improve the quality of programming. Many people assume that exercises are only used to enable weight loss, lower the blood pressure, and get a more attractive physique.
On the contrary, regular exercises can be used to improve programming skills. Exercises highly influence the way we think and have a positive impact on an individual cognitive ability.

Exercises enable us to soak in more information, be more proactive, more work efficiently and boost productivity.

Boost concentration

Most of the programmers are continuous on their computers seeking new knowledge and satisfying the insatiable curiosity towards trying out new programming. Computer programming is considered as a cognitive activity.

This means that the programmer’s mind is continuously engaged. Studies show that one’s cognitive and mental firepower is associated with the physical regimen that they have.

Regular exercise has implications on the quality of work done. It also help maintain work discipline while achieving expert skills in programming by boosting the concentration levels.

Elevates mood

Computer programming can be at times can be hectic and disappointing. The work stress and pressure can lead to reduced output or lagging behind on a certain programming project. This is quite common among programmers.

To ensure one is productive, regular exercise can reduce the lethargy and elevate the mood of the programmer. Research shows that regular workouts can help to boost moods and can have positive implications on work productivity.

Exercise during regular work hours contribute to boosting the morale and the individual mood. Boosting one’s mood is a motivational way of boosting self-confidence, and it automatically reflects on the quality of work. This is why most programmers invest in the best elliptical brands for home use like those here. Having one at home allows them to get a workout in and clear their heads when they don’t have time to go to the gym.

Sharpens memory and thinking

Regular exercise is critical in boosting the memory and influence the thinking of a programmer.

Studies show that the parts of the brain (prefrontal cortex and medial temporal cortex) that are responsible for thinking and memory are used more when the individual has exercised. Physical strength is additionally helpful to programmers in establishing mental stamina.

Faster learning

Regular exercise, especially for programmers, is critical in boosting their learning skills. They  help to boost how the brain works. It increases mental alertness leading to faster learning.

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How to Install Software on Linux

Linux-headerOn Linux the installation of software is slightly different as the software has to be taken from your repositories of Linux distribution software. Even though it sounds quite complicated, the procedure is quite simple which could be carried out by a layman with ease.
The software installation system of Linux is very similar to an app store. It is a single place from which you could get all your softwares and updates about the softwares.

How to proceed with the installation: Most of the softwares are made available in the software repositories. It is most likely that your Linux distribution would provide good graphics which makes it extremely appealing. The next step is to select the desired package. Once selected all the packages that you want in your system, the package manager in the system would download all that is necessary for proper functioning of the softwares and ensures that it is successfully installed.

liveusb-iconHowever in Ubuntu, you would see an orange shopping bag icon which is the package manager. This interface could be used to search for softwares as well as for their successful installation. The searches would give you positive results for specific names as well as for category names, E.g. Video player. All that you are required to do is to click on download tab and give in your password. Rest everything will be taken care of. Linux distribution has separate software repositories for each of its distribution but all of it has the same working pattern. It is done in a graphical pattern so that it enables ease to its users.

Installing property packages: Some programs which are popularly used may not be present in the software repositories of Linux. Some of them are Skype, Opera, Steam and Google Chrome. Since Linux does not have the license to have these programs, if you wish to have these you will have to purchase them separately.

If you want to download any extra software the best way to do that is by visiting the official website of that particular program and then download it from there. These webpages are quite user friendly and you would not have any issues navigating through.

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Understanding The Linux Terminology In Simple Terms

To a common man, understanding technology is boring and confusing mostly because of the lack of terminology. It is no rocket science and is extremely simple if you know what term stands for what. For example, even the term Linux is used by different people in different contexts that it could be quite baffling for a lay man.
An expert in technology would describe Linux as the kernel which powers other operating system including Fedora, openSUSE and Ubuntu. Whereas when asked a layman, he/she would describe Linux as an operating system. So different set of people associate it with different meanings. Technically, the term Linux (GNU) indicates a broad term which includes the conventional operating system. OS (Operating System) signifies a software that controls all the hardware (monitor, keyboard, mouse, USB ports and all other parts of the computer which you can see for yourself) it is also responsible for allowing other interactive softwares in your system too. The most popular operating system is Microsoft windows.

linux-tux-2-100360807-primary.idge1_Linux Kernel: This is the major segment in any operating system which facilitates good and viable communication between the software and the hardware of a computer system. The important part in this process is the version that you use, as only the latest updated kernel would support the latest hardware which you have.
Linux kernel including all the associated tools and packages with the other software is taken up by Linux distribution and completes the operating system. The most popular Linux programs are Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Arch, Mageia, Zorin, Manjaro and CentOS. Each of these distributions were designed and release to satisfy different requirements and all of them have varied components. Some programs like, Linux Mint and Ubuntu can be used with extreme ease whereas some may have other important and different features. All the programs have varied advantages and disadvantages as well as mode of use.

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Choosing The Best Linux Distribution

linuxIt can be quite mind boggling to decide on the right Linux distribution. This has to be only decided after considering quite a lot of factors like your requirements, taste as well as the internet connection that is available.
If you are a desktop user and has the latest hardware installed, here are the most suitable options for you (please do remember that, this is an extremely personal opinion and not based on any public survey or poll):
Fedora : Even though opinions vary, I personally think that fedora is the best decision as it provides you with the most updated version of kernel as well as the advanced software. However there might be some initial difficulties while the installation of Fedora, which would work perfectly once it is over. Another great advantage it gives is games feature, there are so many available games for the user’s entertainment. Since Fedora is advanced and has the latest technology, it is highly compatible with the hardware which you have in your system.
linuxdistributions-300x300Mageia: This is a really good distribution which provides an excellent management of all your softwares and drives. It also has quite lot of support systems which enables scanning and printing. The latest version of this distribution is only released after a period of testing.
Ubuntu: One of the most popularly used Linux distribution system which has a good integration of terminal application and software canter. The greatest advantage that it has is the huge user community and query forums.

If you have a desktop with old hardware:
Fedora (LXDE): It is one of the programs that provide great support even when the hardware is old. The only difference from the latest version, is its use of LXDE environment for the desktop
Puppy Linux: If your desktop is old, then this is the right program for you. It is light and runs in any pc smoothly.
LUbuntu: This is a Linux based Ubuntu which uses LXDE environment for the desktop.

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How to choose the best operating system

mac-vs-windowsNow, the choice of operating systems that you have is more than ever. The popularity of windows is still high even though Macs have become quite affordable when compared to the top end Windows. Google also have come up with chrome books which is user friendly and cheap too. Linux have laptops too and not to forget the new laptop replacements, such as Android tablets or iPad.
So if you are about to buy a new computer, please read through the options that we are providing you with:

Windows : The ever popular , user friendly software which is being used the whole of world’s population because of the great compatibility it provides with the existing hardware and software. The quality is quite assured when it comes to Windows, even though the high end softwares can be a little pricey. Most people choose Windows, because of the comfort factor, and the newest version, Windows 8.1 works great on PC s and is much better than the previous option.
It also is assured to have good compatibility with the rest of the software in spite of it being a desktop software, business apps or the huge array of games that are specifically being designed for Windows. It is widely available at different price ranges.
However, these Windows operating system often lacks the specifications and attention to the details (which is always seen on Mac). Also remember that most of the malware is always focussed on windows due to their extreme popularity.

Macs : Due to the increasing affordability, Mas have become a choice for many young and innovative tech enthusiasts. Even the haters of Apple.Inc agrees on the fact that hardware they make is simply amazing. It offers a complete operating system, which would work only in excellence. Mac Pro also has amazing battery life, good touch feature and has generally top notch hardware. MacBook’s are also better than the high end ultra-books of Windows, as Apple are the market leaders. If you are looking for learning something new and not really bothered about the cost. Then Mac is for you.

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How to Choose the Best Linux Laptop

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